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Stephanie Gimbar

Stephanie started serving at her home church in Gloucester County, New Jersey  in the nursery at 13. By 15 she was leading a youth worship team. By 16 Stephanie started teaching Sunday school.
She graduated from Delaware Valley University with Bachelors of Science in Conservation and Wildlife Management. That was not the best thing she got out of college however. She met her husband in the bookstore freshman year, and married him less than a year after graduation. They were one of 4 wedding officiated ever by her childhood children’s pastor.
In 2013 Stephanie and her husband began attending Eagles Nest Church. Since then they have added Liam in 2014, and Evangeline (Eva) in 2016 to the Eagles Nest family.
Stephanie began leading the Saturday Night Service children’s ministries at the opening of the services in April 2016. She is excited for the opportunity to build on the ministry left in her care. She is sure God has prepared her to lead our Kids Cove volunteers and staff and to help guide children our children into a lifelong relationship with Jesus.